Pre Workout | Build Muscle | Burn Fat | Increase Strength and Performance | Enhance Focus | Reduce Fatigue | 250mg Caffeine | 6,000mg L-Citrulline | 3,500mg Beta-Alanine | Força Fuel F-Bomb

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  • IMPROVE PERFORMANCE - A combination of high quality, proven performance enhancing ingredients at clinical doses such as 6,000mg L-citrulline malate, 3,500mg beta alanine and 250mg caffeine anhydrous make F-Bomb a powerhouse in performance and without doubt the most effective pre-workout available.
  • SUPPORT RECOVERY AND REDUCE FATIGUE - Studies have shown that when supplementing with citrulline and then performing intense exercise, there is a greater performance output, or in other words, you can train for longer, harder and faster. It also reduces blood lactate build up resulting in delayed fatigue.
  • INCREASED FOCUS AND FAT LOSS - With 250mg of the strongest form of caffeine (anyhydrous) not only will you increase your fat burning potential, but you'll also notice a boost in physical performance and improved cognitive performance, allowing for intense mental focus.
  • RAISE INTRA-MUSCULAR CARNOSINE LEVELS - The primary and direct benefit of beta-alanine supplementation is the effect of raising intra-muscular carnosine levels which reduces levels of lactic acid build up allowing you to perform at your best for longer.
  • THE F-BOMB ADVANTAGE - Join the thousands of people who fuel their performance with F-Bomb. When comparing F-Bomb to competitors pre-workouts such as Bulk Powders, MyProtein, Cellucor C4, Optimum Nutrition, Grenade, Protein World, BSN, Iron Labs AC8, Herbalife etc.. The difference in quality is clear. We only use ingredients and dosages that are proven to work, no fillers and no proprietary blends.