PANANGIN N50 140mg for Healthy Heart and Nervous & Cardiovascular Systems

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Active ingedients:

158 mg potassium-aspartate-anhydrous (in form of 166,3 mg postassium-aspartate-anhydrous-hemihydrate)

140 mg magnesium-aspartate-anhydrous (in form of 175mg magnesium-aspartate-anhydrous-tetrahydrate)

Recommended dosing: 1-3 tabs daily

Therapeutic actions:

Stimulates myocardium’s metabolism, increases tolerance to digitalis, has anti-arrythmic effect.


heart failure, cardiac insufficiency, pectoral angina (as adjuvant), arrhythmias in myocardium infarct and postinfarct conditions, arrhythmias provoked by the intolerance to digitalics, digitalis intoxication. Cardiac rhythm disorders (tahiarrhythmias, ventricular extrasystoles).

Contraindications and cautions:

acute and chronic renal insufficiency. hyperpotassiemia and with disorder of the atrioventricular conductivity (cataplexy). Panangin is not recommended with patients who have rhythm disorderes associated with atrio-ventricular block.