McRobert, Stuart Weight-Training Technique, Second Edition

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Do you often have sore joints, or muscle injuries? Do you omit some important strength training exercises because they bother some of your joints or muscles?

This is how it is with most trainees who want a bigger leaner body.

But it shouldn’t be so. How about standing apart from the crowd? How about becoming a master of exercise technique, and transforming your progress with building muscle and strength?To benefit from weight training, you must avoid injuries, and train consistently using the best exercises. But if you don’t use correct exercise technique, you’ll get injured frequently, and be unable to train consistently and effectively.

Correct exercise technique is the bedrock of training success.

But the use of incorrect exercise technique is rampant in most gyms. Don’t expect to learn correct exercise technique from most gyms, especially the technique of the major compound exercises, which are the most important movements.

With 300 pages and 363 photographs, this natural bodybuilding book is thorough. Over 60 exercises are covered. Follow the guidance and become your own expert personal trainer on weight training technique.

If, however, you have Build Muscle Lose Fat Look Great, Chapter 12 of that huge book already incorporates The Insider’s Tell-All Handbook on Weight Training Technique.

Whether you’re just starting strength training and bodybuilding, or you’re a training veteran, if you want to build muscle mass quickly, and lots of it, this book is for you.

Buy this book now, become an expert on the bedrock of your training success, and stand apart from the crowd.