Flavamed Syrup 30mg/5ml, 100ml

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Flavamed Syrup 30mg/5ml, 100ml  


Flavamed a mucus-thinning medicine, used to treat respiratory diseases. Flavamed used to treat lung and bronchial diseases, which generates viscous mucus. It liquefies viscous mucus and help to pass it out.

2. Do not take Flavamed - If you are hypersensitive (allergic) to the active substance (ambroxol hydrochloride) or any of the other ingredients; - Do not use for children younger than 2 year old. Take special care with: - If in the past you were very serious hypersensitivity reactions (Stevens-Johnson, Lyell's syndrome). Stevens-Johnson syndrome is a disease in which the patient is a high temperature, and skin and mucous membranes blistering rash appears. Life threatening Lyell syndrome is also called the scalded skin syndrome. This is when It produces large blisters, similar to sunburn. Therefore, if you notice a skin or mucous membrane lesions, immediately stop using. Contact your doctor immediately! - If you have impaired kidney function or if you have severe liver disease. In such cases Flavamed only be used with caution - If you suffer from a rare disease when increased bronchial secretion production (eg ciliary inferiority syndrome). Then, mucus secretion and clearance from lungs. In such cases Flavamed should only be used under medical supervision. - If you have had an ulcer, for Flavamed consumer should check with your doctor. Children Flavamed can only be given for children older than 2 years of age.

Pregnancy and breast-feeding Before taking any medication, ask your doctor or pharmacist.

Currently there is no sufficient experience about use of Flavamed during pregnancy and lactation.