HEDELIX 100mg/5ml, 100ml Cough Syrup

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Hedelix™ Cough Syrup is a medicine of German origin. It has been widely used in more than 20 countries for over 25 years.

Hedelix Cough Syrup helps to relieve bronchial spasms, thins bronchial mucus and enables easy expectoration (coughing up and spitting out of mucus) along with pathogens causing inflammation, thus relieving an irritated cough and helping you to breathe more easily.

Hedelix Cough Syrup works in three ways:
• Provides relief from a cough
• Thins and loosens phlegm (mucus) in the airways
• Alleviates the symptoms of the common cold affecting the respiratory tract and those associated with chronic inflammatory bronchial diseases

Hedelix contains a plant extract which is extracted from the leaves of the English ivy. Ivy is a well known climbing plant that has been widely used in medicinal products since ancient times.

Benefits of Hedelix Cough Syrup

  • Hedelix Cough Syrup is sugar free which means that it is suitable for people with diabetes.
  • Hedelix Cough Syrup is free from alcohol which means that it is suitable for people who need to avoid alcohol.
  • Hedelix Cough Syrup is preservative-free and contains no artificial colouring.
  • Hedelix Cough Syrup can be used for six months once opened and will keep for 36 months when unopened.
  • Hedelix Cough Syrup includes a practical dosage syringe and spout in the bottle’s neck which stops dripping and spilling and assists in administration to small children and infants.
  • Hedelix Cough Syrup does not cause drowsiness.
  • There are no known interactions between Hedelix Cough Syrup and other medications.
  • In clinical studies and medical observations, Hedelix Cough Syrup has been found to be effective and well tolerated.
  • Hedelix Cough Syrup is suitable for the entire family, even infants from birth.


Infants 0 to 1 year Children 1 to 4 years Children 4 to 10 years

Adults and children older than 10 years

2,5 ml 
(½ measuring spoon or 2,5 ml in a syringe)

2,5 ml
(½ measuring spoon or 2,5 ml in a syringe)
2,5 ml
(½ measuring spoon or 2,5 ml in a syringe)

5 ml
(1 measuring spoon or 5 ml in a syringe)

Once daily Three times daily Four times daily Three times daily

Hedelix™ Cough Syrup Ingredients
100 ml syrup contains: 0,8 g extract of ivy leaves (Hedera Helix Linné) providing α-Hederin and Hederacoside-C.
5 ml of syrup contains 1,75 g sorbitol (equivalent to 0,44 g fructose) which is equivalent to 0,15 BU.